Get in touch with the natural essence of your being.  Release stressful life patterns to balance your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

Dr. Julie Neway’s holistic alternative healing services offer a gentle, compassionate nurturing process that will facilitate relaxation and inner growth to re-inspire your life journey.

Experience the healing benefits of Polarity, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch, Cranialsacral Balancing, Visceral Manipulation and more…


Here it is…a BIG GIGANTIC HUGE HUG coming your way from your grateful and admiring client.


We LOVE your presentations, and your treatments.  You are magical!


I feel wonderful-so much lighter!  Though I’m generally a pretty happy and content person, I feel even more so since meeting with you.


She is amazing with TONS of knowledge and a huge toolbox of skills to draw from.  She taught us some easy, helpful techniques.


I think you are a Colorado Treasure that a lot of people in the group, even those who had been around Energy Healing for a long time, were not aware of.