Descriptions of Some Healing Modalities I Offer
AXIATONAL THERAPY Relates acupuncture meridians and chakras to merge an individual’s energy grid with planetary and cosmic grids.
BODYTALK BodyTalk uses simple hand muscle testing and light tapping to uncover the basis of symptoms.
COLOR BARDIC HEALING The use of color and sound tuning forks to balance spinal and chakra energies.
CRANIALSACRAL THERAPY Balances the movement of the vital healing energies of the cranialsacral fluid with the bones of the head and back.
HEALING TOUCH Medically widely used collection of healing techniques that balance the chakras, aura and physical bodies.
IET Integrated Energy Therapy releases energy and emotional blockages with gentle touch and affirmations for specific areas on your fully clothed body.
JIN SHIN JYUTSU A Japanese acupressure system based on meridian flows that strengthens organs and overall energy flows.
POLARITY THERAPY An integration of Ayurvedic, Yogic, Chinese, Osteopathic and Naturopathic disciplines that addresses physical, mental and emotional energy blocks.  Bodywork, diet and exercise are used to restore balance.
PRANIC HEALING Cleansing and energizing the chakras using prana and vital energy to heal the physical body.
REIKI A Japanese form of healing touch using symbols specific for emotional, physical and spiritual healing.
VISCERAL MANIPULATION Light touch balancing digestive organs.
ZERO BALANCING Aligns your energy body with your physical structure.  Hips, joints, feet, back and neck are specifically touched and balanced.