About Julie Neway

Julie Neway, PhD, CHTP, RPP, ND, MLS, ARCT B.Sc. is a certified Healing Touch, Integrated Energy Therapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu practioner.  In addition to being a Doctor of Natural Medicine, she is also a registered Polarity Therapist and Reiki Master with ongoing studies in Cranialsacral/Visceral/Neural Manipulation and BodyTalk.

She offers over 20 accupressure light touch healing modalities which are individually tailored to your specific needs.  In addition to the disciplines listed above, Dr. Neway has also studied naturopathic medicine, herbology, iridology, brain mapping, magnified healing, aromatherapy, breathwork, pranic healing, color/sound therapy, Bowen, flower essences, zero Balancing, biomagnetic healing, Guided Music Imagery, and Damanhur’s pranatherapy.

Dr. Neway’s educational activities started with her music degree in violin teaching from the University of Toronto, followed by her microbiology studies (BSc) at the University of Calgary.  Before computers and internet were commonplace, she completed her Information Science degrees (MLS, University of Western Ontario; PhD University of Illinois).

A near death reaction to a CAT scan procedure in the 1990s changed her focus to alternative medicine.  She simultaneously qualified in Healing Touch (CHTP), Polarity (RPP) and naturopathic medicine (ND) a few years later and continues to update her skills in many new modalities to give you a very comprehensive energy balancing treatment.

Listen to an interview of Dr. Julie Neway on Healing Voices, KGNU Boulder, in 2001