Warm-Up Exercises

As the days grow warmer and longer, now is a good time to get in shape for outdoor activities by introducing some warm-up exercises into your exercise regime.  Have fun!

These simple exercises should be done first thing in the morning before any yogic or aerobic routine.  They can also be used before any other kind of exercise during the day or whenever you need to relax tension and invigorate.

1.  Stand with knees relaxed.  Cross hands in front of your body.  Slowly draw them out and around and up.  Reach for the ceiling as you inhale; exhale as you return to your starting position.  Repeat three times.

2.  Stand with knees relaxed.  Swing both arms in the same direction slowly, then to the opposite direction.  Repeat twenty times in succession.

3.  Stand with knees relaxed and hands on hips.  Lean head first to one side and hold 5 counts.  Then slowly move it to the other side and hold 5 counts.

4.  Pull shoulders forward and down and hold for 5 counts.  Then slowly push them up to reach your ears, keeping  your head steady.  Hold for 5 counts.  Breathe normally.

5.  With chin down, roll your head slowly from the front around to the side, back to the front (chin down!) and to the other side.  Repeat this semicircle slowly five times.  Do not push your head back.  Breathe normally.

6.  Sit on a chair, bed or bench and rotate your ankles in one direction for 10 rotations; then reverse direction.  Same for wrists.  Stretch your fingers, make a fist; curl your toes and wiggle them. 7.  Stand and march in place, swinging your arms gently for 12 steps.  Then step in place lifting only your heels and reaching your arms up for 2 steps, then down for 2 steps.  Repeat this sequence three times.