Food Healing

Happy New Year!   Feeling just a little heavy or bloated after the holiday eating treats?  Here are some handy hints as to how you can rebalance your body. . .

1.  Natural food–60% of food eaten should be raw.

2.  Your diet should consist of 80% alkaline and 20% acid foods.  See Alkaline Diet below.

3.  Proportion–6 vegetables daily, 2 fruits daily, 1 starch daily, 1 protein daily

4.  Variety–Vary proteins, starches, vegetables, and fruits from meal to meal and day to day.

5.  Overeating–Eating beyond needs is a waste of energy and an aging pastime.

6.  Combinations–Separate proteins and starches; have one at lunch and the other at dinner.  Have fruits for breakfast and at 3:00 p.m.  Don’t combine fruits and vegetables at the same meal.

7.  Cook without water–Cook with low heat.  Don’t allow air to contact hot food while cooking.

8.  Bake, broil or roast–If meat is included in the diet use only lean mean, no pork.  Use unsprayed vegetables if available and prepare as soon after picking as possible.

9.  Use stainless steel, low-heat cookware.  Avoid aluminum.Do not fry foods or use heated oils.