Losing sleep over the holiday rush?  Here’s some tips to help you get that important nightly rest:  see Insomnia attachment


            Lavender is the best known relaxant.  Add 5 drops of essential oil of lavender to a bath and soak in it before bed or put 3 drops of lavender on a tissue to inhale.  Other essential oils you might try are cypress, lemon, marjoram, myrtle, orange, or ylang ylang.  Angelica, rosemary or sandalwood may also help.  If you are interested in aromatherapy blends that might work, I have a few you might try so let me know.

Biochemic Tissue Salts

            Here are 3 you may want to try: Calcium phosphorica, Kali (potassium) phosphate or Natrum muriaticum (sodim chloride, a homepathic table salt!).

Chinese Medicine

            Fleece flower stem, poria and wild jujube seeds are recommended.  They do not sedate but have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


            There are a number of things you can try here:

-Eat your evening meal at least 2 hours before retiring

-Avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, cola), tobacco and alcohol

-Eat tryptophan rich foods for the evening meal or an evening snack e.g. milk products, turkey, chicken, soy products, nuts and nut butters, bananas, papaya and figs.  A classic is a warm cup of milk before bedtime with 1 tsp. honey and perhaps a herb tincture or extract.

-Eating oranges (it calms the nerves!!!)

-Thyme or dill in cooking


            Regular aerobic exercise (walking or swimming) helps relieve tension and anxiety and relaxes the body for better sleep.  However, don’t exercise strenuously close to bedtime as this will keep you awake.

Flower Remedies

            Bach’s white chestnut is best.


            Valerian tea works for many people.  Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of the root, let it steep for 15 minutes and drink before bed.  Chamomile or prickly ash leaf tea has a mild sedative effect.  Other herbs you might try are passionflower, hops, skullcap, vervain, catnip, mistletoe, peppermint or wood betony, lady’s slipper or lime tree. 

            Sometimes special combinations of these herbs, plus other formulas to calm the nerves, balance the thyroid and give you sufficient calcium work best.  Please consult me if you are interested in any of these.


            When feeling hyped up, wide awake or sensitive to every little noise try Coffea 6c every 30 minutes.  When unable to sleep through overexhaustion Arnica 6c every 30 minutes.

Naturopathic Remedies

            Castor oil packs (with heat) on the abdomen are extremely relaxing.  Ask me for details.  Massaging your feet is also very relaxing and highly recommend as there are nerve points on the foot that reflex to every part in the body.

Relaxation Techniques

            There are a number of methods you can use from simply following your breath (inhales and exhales), counting while breathing, visualizations, journalling, or meditation.  One thing that usually works well for most people is to consciously relax every part of your body as you lay in bed.  Again if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


            A lot of things have worked for different people.  Try one or all of the following:

-Vitamin B6 (up to 50 mg) and niacinamide/B3 (up to 100 mg) at bedtime

-Vitamin B12

-Vitamin B complex that includes choline

-Vitamin D

-Calcium (up to 1000 mg) at bedtime

-Magnesium (500-1000 mg) taken with the calcium or alone in the morning may be helpful