For a Healthy Kidney


– Celery, parsley, watermelon

– 8 oz cranberry juice daily

– 6 glasses of water daily

– 75% raw foods with lots of garlic, asparagus, cucumbers, watercress, papaya, bananas, sprouts, legumes (beans, peas), some chicken, oats

– AVOID: beet greens, chocolate, eggs, red meat, carbonated drinks, alcohol


– Dandelion root extract

– Spirulina

– Tea–Uva ursi and/or buchu (don’t boil)

– Kidney blend (see me)


– B1, B6, Vitamin C with bioflavenoids

– Choline, inositol

Aromatherapy: Lemongrass, Geranium

Naturopathic Suggestions:

– Ginger poultice

– Colon cleansing by ingesting refrigerated acidolphilus/bifidus, lactobacillus and flaxseed

– Apple juice fast