Yes, I know you have heard some of this before.  At least the part about avoiding summer rays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., wearing protective clothing and a hat that shades the face etc.  But what do you do when you’ve over done it at that summer picnic or water event?  Try some of the following:


Apply a dilute mixture (50% oil, 50% organic aloe vera gel) of melaleuca, chamomile or lavender to the burned area once or twice a day.  Lavender is especially good to prevent blistering.


Use aloe vera gel on the burned areas to soothe & heal.  Best results are achieved with fresh gel i.e. cut open a fresh leaf and smear the gel onto the skin.  Cucumber is also an effective coolant.  Do not use ice except in extreme emergencies.


A cool shower or bath will relieve sunburn.  You can add baking soda, fine oatmeal or vinegar to the water to soothe stinging skin.  Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.


Vitamin A, calcium without D and PABA ointment all help.