Insect Bites


Essential oil of eucalyptus is a natural insect repellent.  Add 5 drops to 1 cup of water and dab on the exposed areas of the body.  Citronella dabbed sparingly on the skin is also good.

Rub 1 drop each of essential oil of tea tree (melaleuca) or lavender on the bites.  Repeat every hour until the irritation stops.   If you are in for the night, bergamot diluted 50% in aloe vera gel is good, but be careful during the day as it may discolor your skin.


Take Ledum 6c 2 times daily to help prevent mosquito bites.


Take thiamin (vitamin B1) to prevent bites.  When large amounts of thiamin are excreted through the body it gives off an odor that repels insects.  100 mg 3 times daily should do the trick.  Zinc (60 mg/day) also helps repel insects.  And of course, speaking of the vampiric mosquito, garlic really does work.  If you do not like the social consequences or taste of this excellent dietary remedy try garlic capsules (3 capsules 3 times/day).

YOU’VE BEEN BIT!  Either you read this too late or you thought this is too far out and used the store bought spray/lotions and they didn’t work as well this summer as last.  Don’t despair.  Wash your bite thoroughly with soap and water.  Want to scratch?  Don’t!  Itching can be relieved by  dissolving 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of water, soak a piece of cloth in the solution and bathe the bites.

Biochemic Tissue Salts

Take Nat Mur 6x: crush the tablet and apply locally.

Flower Remedies

Rescue Remedy is useful. 


Dab tincture of witch hazel or rub sage tea on mosquito bites. 


Ledum and Apis are good.  For a bee sting dab pyrethrum or take Apis 6c every 10 minutes until professional help can be obtained.