Health-Building Diet

Yes, all is almost here.  Time to get in gear with a healthy diet!

1.  First thing in the day drink a modified liver flush made up of 1-3 tablespoons cold-pressed oil (olive or almond oil) blended with 3 times the amount of fresh lemon juice.  Then drink 2 cups of hot water with the juice of 1/2 to 1 lime or lemon per cup.

2.  At least 1 hour later add soaked raisins, dates or figs to a porridge made of 3/4 millet and 1/4 fenugreek seed.  Add 1-2 dozen peeled almonds.

3.  Beverages: During the morning and the rest of the day take hot water with lime or lemon and honey in it.  A simple cleansing tea made from ginger root, fenugreek seed and peppermint flavored with lemon and sweetened with honey may be taken.  The regular cleansing tea (see cleansing tea) may also be  used.  Fresh fruit or vegetable juices may be drunk.  NO alcohol, coffee or black tea.

4.  Noon Meal: Sprouted legumes with steamed, boiled or baked vegetables or a large mixed raw salad with sprouts.  Fruit salads may also be used as the main course on their own.  Do NOT fry any foods. 5.  Evening meal: Fresh fruits and warm milk may be taken or a more substantial porridge of wheat, oats, corn or millet may be made and fresh sweet fruit (not citrus) or dried fruit may be added.  A porridge may also be made as a non-sweet savory dish with herbs and mild spices.